About MOCI

It is a Guatemalan company legally constituted, focused on human development, whose main objective is to advise foreign employers in the processes of Labor Migration, and promote the Economic and Social Development of the parties involved.

Improve the quality of life in the beneficiary communities through Legal and Temporary Employment Abroad in an agile and direct way.
To be the main link between Regional Workers and International Employers generating Progress on a Bilateral basis.



"We facilitate the hiring of Temporary Foreign Workers - TET".

We have an extensive database of workers with verifiable experience, to provide qualified and qualified personnel and increase the productivity of your company.


Professional and personalized advice and management, at all stages of the process or hiring temporary workers, management before government and consular entities of the countries involved, Service Canada, USCIS, Free Legal Advice, among others.

stages of the recruitment process

We provide the transfer service of workers, from the country of origin, to your facilities, safely, reliably and on time, through our "Moci Travel" platform that performs all travel arrangements, providing a comfortable experience both employer as the worker.



Equipo MOCI

Rony H. Ramos

Director General

Adriana Guerra

Directora de Inmigración

Alexander Mayorga

Financial coordinator

Betty de Morales

Coordinadora de Inmigración

Code of Conduct

Recruitment Agencies for Migrant Workers

We recognize the dignity of working people, both national and migrant, and we express a total commitment to the promotion and respect of labor rights, we reaffirm our commitment to our clients and the general public, through compliance with international standards and national legislation, so in coordination with 3 analogous agencies and thanks to the support of the program  REFRAME   from   OIT-ILO   and the   EUROPEAN UNION , we develop the  CODE OF CONDUCT OF THE AGENCIES FOR THE RECRUITMENT OF WORKING PEOPLE  MIGRANTES, we invite you to obtain the downloadable version here.

Developing SOCIAL


It is a company that cares about the development of the most needy population, that is why we promote social aid days, and we allocate a percentage of our income to support rural areas and contribute to the development of communities, (Join us). Contact us if you are interested in supporting our initiatives.